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September 17, 2009

The Imm Report – AfPak Summer 2009 – Week 10

The Imm Report – AfPak Summer 2009 – Week 10

***Compiler’s Note – Links courtesy of Jeffrey Imm***

United States Action Links – Week of August 23 through August 29

August 23 & 24
Pakistan Court Seeks Payment for Lawyers Defending Al-Qaeda Suspect Aafia Siddiqui in United States\25\story_25-8-2009_pg13_7


(Pakistan) Attacks in Pakistan will continue: Taliban’s Waliur Rehman\25\story_25-8-2009_pg1_5


(Pakistan) Taliban Shura Appoints Hakimullah Mehsud as New Emir; In Editorial, Pakistani Daily Calls Him ‘A Rash Swashbuckling Fighter Who Would Rather Kill than Sit Down and Talk’
— ‘Hakimullah dead, it’s his lookalike brother’


Pakistan: Journalist killed in ambush in northwest


(Pakistan) Guardian: “Intolerance is sweeping across Pakistan”
— claims Sherry Rehman believes Pakistanis must “confront this political Islamist lobby”


(Pakistan) Militants kill Baitullah kin for spying


Pak raids unravel Taliban-drugs link


(Pakistan) Twin explosions hit Pakistani city; no casualties – Baluchistan’s Quetta


(Afghanistan/Pakistan) Karzai seeks talks with Pakistan on Taliban\25\story_25-8-2009_pg1_7


(Afghanistan) Mullen: Afghanistan ‘vulnerable’ to Taliban


(Afghanistan) Hamid Karzai ‘re-elected’ by landslide, poll data shows
— Karzai rival claims widespread fraud in Afghan vote


(Afghanistan) Obama facing hard choices on Afghanistan war plans
(U.S.) Al Qaeda Still ‘Very Capable’ Of US Strike


(U.S.) Guantanamo Detainee Released to Afghanistan
— “The administration reportedly has released Mohammed Jawad to his home in Afghanistan”


(U.S.) New Unit to Interrogate Key Terrorism Suspects


US names secret terror suspects
— “being held at secret camps in Iraq and Afghanistan, reports say” 25 & 26
Pakistan and Burning Alive of Christians: By Lee Jay Walker, Tokyo


Pakistan: In Pakistan, Another Christian Accused of Blasphemy


(Pakistan) Grenade attack in Pakistani city kills 2, wounds 3


(Afghanistan) Two Americans among 3 ISAF soldiers killed in Afghanistan


(Afghanistan) Karzai, Abdullah at 40 percent in partial returns
— Abdullah Abdullah under pressure to concede to Hamid Karzai in Afghanistan


August 27
(U.S.) 9/11 plotters still alive and planning more attacks: Mullen
— “‘They live and plan and train in safe havens along the Pakistan-Afghanistan border,’ Navy admiral Mike Mullen, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, said.”


Pakistan Taliban Commander: We Have ‘Thousands of Suicide Bombers’ Who Can ‘Target Washington, Paris, London, and Kabul’


Pakistan violence kills 50, suicide attack at checkpost
— At least 15 killed in suicide attack in NW Pakistan: Officials
— Pakistan: Suicide attack kills police in near Afghan border


Pakistani Christian shall launch movement if Blasphemy Law not repealed. Nazir Bhatti


Pakistan: Police issue warrant for Bishop of Faisalabad and 128 other Christians of Gojra
— “The First Information Reports or FIRs were filed this week by the Punjab police against the Rt. Rev. John Samuel, the Church of Pakistan’s Bishop of Faisalabad and 28 other Christians, in retaliation for complaints of police incompetence in the wake of the attacks on Christians in the town of Gojra that left ten dead and destroyed three Churches and over 100 homes.”


(Pakistan) To save Islamic militants in Punjab: Police registers cases against Gojra Christians


(Pakistan) Petition to U.N. on Violence Against Christians
— “The European Center for Law and Justice has filed a petition with the U.N.’s Special Rapporteurs seeking prosecutions in Pakistan for those responsible for the attacks and killings of Christians”


(Pakistan) Explosion, firing incidents in Quetta kill five, wound four


Pakistan: Taliban commander ‘target’ of drone attack — in South Waziristan – Waliur Rehman


Pakistani Taliban say chief Baitullah Mehsud dead


(Pakistan) Senior Pakistani Journalist on Baluchistan Problem: ‘Pakistan has Pitted Radical Taliban Against Secular and Democratic Baluchi Forces… Promot[ing] Religious Radicalization’


(Pakistan) Tehreek-e-Nifaz-e-Shariat-e-Muhammadi (TNSM) chief Sufi Muhammad’s sons re-arrested after release\28\story_28-8-2009_pg7_2


Pakistan will resist linkage of U.S. funds to nuclear programm\28\story_28-8-2009_pg1_1
— Dr AQ Khan moves LHC against official protocol\28\story_28-8-2009_pg7_28


(Pakistan) Girls victimized by Taliban find safe haven to learn
— “girls hide textbooks in their shawls to escape harassment”


(Pakistan) ISI says it distributed millions among Pak politicians
— “to convince political leaders to join the then Islami Jamhoori Ittehad (IJI)”
— including “Pakistan Muslim League, Jamaat-e-Islami and Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam”


— Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (JUI-F) division leader Maulana Fazlur Rehman well-known as “a defender of the interests of the Taliban in the grand Deobandi alliance mostly spearheaded by the jehadi militias”


(Pakistan) Al Qaeda funded ISI to destabilize Benazir’s govt: former FIA official\28\story_28-8-2009_pg7_18


(Afghanistan) 36 killed in Afghan blast caused by 5 car bombs


(Afghanistan) Red Cross worker among Afghan bomb victims


(Afghanistan) Militant leader arrested in Afghanistan


(Afghanistan) In southern Afghan city, fears of Taliban takeover


(Afghanistan) How the Taliban Thrives,9171,1919154,00.html


(Afghanistan) US soldier dies as ISAF gets new guidelines in Afghanistan


(Afghanistan) Mullen says US starting over in Afghanistan


(U.S.) Young Afghan freed from Guantanamo to sue US gov’t — Mohammed Jawad


August 28

(Pakistan) Al-Qaeda leader urges jihad in Pakistan — Ayman al-Zawahiri
— “In the 22-minute video address entitled “Path of Doom” he reiterates comments made in July calling for Pakistanis to wage war against the American “crusaders” and the Pakistani army.”
— “He warns that anyone helping the military is against Islam and urges Pakistanis to “back the jihad (holy war) and mujahideen” with fighters, money and support.”

— Al Qaeda number 2 urges support for Pakistan jihad\29\story_29-8-2009_pg7_4


Pakistan: Eight Christians kidnapped in Pakistan
— PTI News reports: “Eight members of the minority Christian community have been kidnapped in Pakistan’s troubled Waziristan tribal region, reports said today.”


Pakistan: Taliban claim suicide attack in northwest


(Pakistan) Five beheaded bodies found in Bara\29\story_29-8-2009_pg7_29


Pakistani forces arrest 12 foreign Qaeda suspects, Taliban commander


Pakistan court lifts restrictions on nuclear proliferation ‘godfather’ A.Q. Khan
— “A.Q. Khan, the ‘godfather’ of Pakistan’s nuclear programme accused of sharing technology with rogue states, has been granted full freedom from the terms of his house arrest by a court.”\29\story_29-8-2009_pg1_1

— “a man former CIA director George Tenet has described as being at least as dangerous as Osama Bin Laden”


(Pakistan) “India could have averted 26/11 by sharing info”


(Pakistan) ‘Fake rape’: Pak woman gets 40 lashes


(Pakistan) Christian nurse ‘sister of mercy’ for Muslims\29\story_29-8-2009_pg7_50


(Afghanistan) US soldier killed in eastern Afghanistan


(Afghanistan) U.S. toll hits monthly high in Afghanistan


(Afghanistan) US wants 20,000 more troops to fight Taliban


(Afghanistan) Fears rising over Kandahar falling back to Taliban\29\story_29-8-2009_pg7_57


(Afghanistan) Holbrooke in ‘explosive’ poll meeting with Karzai\29\story_29-8-2009_pg7_6


(Afghanistan) Western ‘AfPak’ envoys to meet in Paris\29\story_29-8-2009_pg7_9


August 29
(Pakistan) Additional report on kidnapping of Pakistan Christians:
— Taliban kidnap Christians in Waziristan


(Pakistan) Advocate of blasphemy victim survives gunshot attack by Islamic extremists
— regarding the “high profiled blasphemy case of young Christian shopkeeper Imran Masih S/O Ghafoor Masih resident of Hajweri Town Faisalabad”


(Pakistan) Al-Qaeda leader: Pakistan is the main battleground


Pakistan suicide bomber training camp destroyed


(Pakistan) Karachi: Taliban deputy commander held\29\story_29-8-2009_pg12_1


Pakistan President Zardari sees popularity sink,0,1162500.story


Pak court adjourns 26/11 trial till Sep 1, bars media coverage
‘Taliban, al-Qaeda trying to put pressure on int’l coalition’–al-Qaeda-trying-to-put-pressure-on-int-l-collation


Afghan bomb kills US soldier,27574,25997602-23109,00.html


(Afghanistan) Blast kills two Afghan civilians


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