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September 13, 2009

Mainlining Bill Roggio – Summer 2009 – Week 5 – Volume 7

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Mainlining Bill Roggio – Summer 2009 – Week 5 – Volume 7

Afghan police beat back Haqqani Network suicide assault
By Bill Roggio
July 25, 2009 3:36 PM

Afghan police beat back another coordinated suicide assault in a major city in the east today. Police in Khost City killed seven Taliban fighters as they attempted to assault the provincial police headquarters and a bank.

Three suicide bombers from the Haqqani Network who were armed with assault rifles launched the first wave of the attack on the police station but were gunned after being surrounded, Quqnoos reported.

Two more bombers attempted to enter the compound after the first wave failed, but they were also shot and killed by policemen.

The sixth suicide bomber detonated his car bomb short of the main gate of the station, killing only himself and wounding two policemen. The seventh bomber was killed by police outside of a bank.

Khost City was the scene of a similar attack this year. On May 12, a squad of suicide bombers assaulted government and security installations in Khost. The Haqqani Network fighters attempted to penetrate security at the installations in Khost City but were beaten back by Afghan and US security forces. The Haqqani Network also set ambushes for US and Afghan forces as they responded to the attacks from nearby bases. Eleven Taliban fighters and nine civilians were killed in the day-long assault.

The Haqqani Network is a Taliban group with close ties to al Qaeda. The Haqqanis are based in North Waziristan in Pakistan and run operations in Paktia, Paktika, Khost, and neighboring provinces.

Taliban steps up coordinated suicide assaults

Today’s suicide swarm attack in Khost is the third such attack in the east this week. One other such attack appears to have been broken up in western Afghanistan.

On July 21, suicide bombers armed with rocket-propelled grenades and assault rifles attacked government installations and a US base in the cities of Gardez and Jalalabad. Eight Haqqani Network and Taliban fighters and six Afghan security personnel were reported killed in the failed attacks.

Police also appear to have broken up another such assault in the western provinces of Nimroz and Herat. Afghan security forces detained seven suicide bombers, a Taliban commander and two fighters, and a cleric during raids on July 22.

Over the past two years, the Taliban attacks have become more sophisticated and more effective. The Taliban receive training for such attacks at training facilities in Pakistan’s northwest as well as in Baluchistan province. Taliban fighters train with al Qaeda and other allied jihadi groups inside Pakistan, and some Taliban fighters become members of al Qaeda’s Shadow Army, the elite paramilitary force operating in the Afghan/Pakistani border region.

The Afghan security forces have largely responded effectively in repelling such attacks once they are launched. Most of the suicide bombers have failed to reach their targets, and civilian and police casualties have been relatively low.
Extended Notes (Roggio’s Links)

Seven Suicide Bombers Attack Afghan Town

Written by
Saturday, 25 July 2009 15:59

The bombers equipped with rifles staged attacks on a police headquarters in eastern Afghanistan, wounding eight, including five policemen

The attacks occurred on Saturday afternoon in the volatile Afghan city of Khost, narrowly missing an Afghan presidential candidate, Ramazan Bashardost, who was campaigning in the city.

A spokesman for the Afghan Interior Ministry (MoI), Zemaray Bashari, said three bombers wearing suicide vests initially attacked the provincial police headquarters.

He added the Afghan security forces had surrounded the attackers and killed them.
Unconfirmed reports say that a civilian has been killed in the firefight that erupted after the explosions.

“Two other suicide bombers attempted to enter the building again, but they failed as police opened fire and gunned them down on the spot,” Bashari further told Quqnoos.

As the insurgents faced a strong resistance on the front gate, the MoI spokesman said the fifth bomber was killed as he attempted to use the back door to get inside the headquarters.

The sixth attacker detonated his explosive-laden vehicle at the main gate injuring two police officers, according to the MoI spokesman.

Despite the Interior Ministry spokesman dismissing that there were any civilian casualties in the string of tactical Taliban attacks, eight people, including a girl, have been wounded and were taken to the nearest hospital.

Quqnoos’ correspondent Qadir Shah in Khost province said eight to ten blasts were heard in the city today between 1:30 and 2:30 in the afternoon.

Ramazan Bashardost, a former planning minister and one of 39 candidates in the presidential election, said later that he was not the target of the attacks.

“I heard some explosions but I am unharmed and continuing my campaign here in Khost,” speaking by the phone from the restive city, hopeful Bashardost told Quqnoos.

An Afghan official said the main targets appeared to be the police headquarters, courts and a local bank branch.

Bashari added that the seventh (last) bomber was shot dead near a local Kabul Bank’s branch in Khost city before he detonated the explosives strapped to his body.
A Taliban spokesman later confirmed to locals journalists that Bashardost had not been the target the assaults.

The attack on Khost comes days after a similarly brazen assault by Taliban fighters and suicide bombers, some dressed as women, on the eastern city of Gardez in which nine people were killed.

Afghan Forces Detain Seven Suicide Bombers
Written by Reza Shir Mohammadi
Wednesday, 22 July 2009 18:03

Seven suicide bombers were detained by Afghan intelligence forces in the western Herat province, according to officials

Two men, who wanted to attack ISAF and Afghan forces on the highway leading to Herat airport, were arrested before blowing themselves up, Herat Police Chief Gen Esmatullah Ali Zai said.

“The two suicide bombers were from Kabul and Herat and they are under investigation,” the police official further said.

In a separate incident, three suicide bombers and two Taliban militants were arrested in Nimroz, southwestern Afghanistan, the provincial governor Ghulam Dastgir Azad said.

Police and security forces detained five other suicide bombers in a house some 15 km from Zarange, the capitol of Nimroz province Tuesday at 11:00am, said Quqnoos’ correspondent in Herat.

Three of the bombers were armed with RPGs that were Iranian-made, Ghulam Dastgir added.

According to the provincial governor of Nemroz yesterday, a Taliban commander and a Mullah (cleric) of a mosque were also arrested in the Khashrod district of the northeastern Nimroz province.

The suicide bombers’ arrests occur admist many suicide attacks elsewhere in eastern Afghanistan yesterday.


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